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Robin Gallo

Meet Robin!

Hello Friends and Neighbors

Welcome to REVEAL BY ROBIN.  I hope this helps you in your search for recommended and vetted vendor services, restaurants and more.  This site now has over 750 client recommendations in more than 50 categories.

This site is FREE for you to use.  Here is a little explanation of why I wanted to bring this to you.
About a year and a half ago, my husband, Paul and I, moved from the east coast of Florida where we lived for many years (I have been in Florida for almost my entire life) and bought a lovely small home in Bradenton.  We knew when we purchased it that it needed a good deal of work but it fit into our budget, we really liked the community feel and it just seemed right.  We didn’t know a soul except for our real estate agent and some family in St. Pete.
We needed help finding reputable people to work on the things we needed to do starting with a roofing company, then a pool company, then a kitchen remodeling company, plumbers, HVAC people.  We need a gas line hooked up, etc.  Quite frankly, it was a daunting experience and I have been in the Property Management business for many years before I semi-retired.  Starting over again in a brand new geographic location was harder than I thought.  We got burnt a couple of times but mostly we lucked out.  
Since so many people are new to the area, and some other people that have been here for years, find it difficult to get honest, fairly priced and experienced people to help with everything from home repairs to recommendations for restaurants, I decided to do something about it – hence REVEAL BY ROBIN.

I will never charge a fee to you to use my website!  Only recommended and vetted  (actually, to get on this website, I need to see 2 recommendations), vendors, restaurants and other categories coming soon will be listed.  A vendor or any service provider cannot pay me to get on my website like so many other sites like this.  There will be no inputting of your phone number or any identification so your information is completely secure. 

I would however, ask you to advise the people you call know that you were referred by REVEAL BY ROBIN.  In this way, they will know that if they do not perform up to standards, they will be banished from my website and I will notify all my subscribers about their behavior.   

Finally, if you have any comments or recommendations, please let me know by emailing:

About Reveal By Robin

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Welcome to Reveal By Robin, your trusted guide to the best vendors, restaurants, and businesses in the Sarasota and Bradenton areas! Founded by Robin Gallo, our mission is to connect you with exceptional local establishments that have been personally vetted and recommended by your very own friends and neighbors.

After years of living in this vibrant community, Robin understood the importance of reliable recommendations when it comes to discovering hidden gems and top-quality services. Recognizing the need for a trustworthy and user-friendly platform, Reveal By Robin was born.

Our philosophy is simple: if it's on Reveal By Robin, it's worth your time. We pride ourselves on being a one-stop resource for finding the best that Sarasota and Bradenton have to offer, based on the experiences and feedback of those who know best – the locals.

Every business featured on our site has been carefully curated and evaluated by our team, with recommendations coming directly from the community. We believe that the best way to uncover the true essence of a place is through the eyes of those who live there. That's why we've taken the guesswork out of discovering your next favorite spot.Whether you're searching for a mouth-watering meal, a cozy spot for your morning coffee, or a reputable service provider for your home or business, Reveal By Robin has you covered. Our growing directory of local gems is here to help you navigate the vibrant Sarasota and Bradenton areas with confidence and ease.

So go ahead, explore Reveal By Robin and uncover the best that our community has to offer. We're excited to share our discoveries with you, one recommendation at a time!

Happy exploring!

Robin Gallo and the Reveal By Robin Team

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